The Prizes

1 Hyundai i30
2 Thomson Smart TVs
5 Samsung Galaxy Tabs
10 €100 Gift Vouchers
200 Pairs of Cinema Tickets



The legal stuff

The ERMES Group (hereinafter ERMES) is running the “Celebrate Spring 2017” campaign (the Campaign), governed by the following specific terms and conditions:

1. By participating in the Campaign, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. Participation to the Campaign is open only to Clients.

3. For the purposes of this Campaign:
• A ‘Client’ shall mean a person who:
a) holds a valid Ermes or Beauty Club Card.
b) has provided ERMES with a valid mobile phone number.
c) is 18 years or older.
d) has made one or more Eligible Transactions of a total value of at least €50 within the Validity Period.
• The ‘Validity Period’ shall mean the period starting on 5 April 2017 and ending on 30 April 2017, inclusive.
• ‘Participating Store(s)’ shall mean: Debenhams, Oviesse (OVS), Next, Peacocks, Armani Exchange, Navy & Green, Glow Beauty Shop, UBER and the participating in Ermes’ loyalty program Zako stores. For more information about the addresses you may visit: http://www.ermes.com.cy/store-locator
• An ‘Eligible transaction’ shall mean a purchase at a Participating Store, using the Ermes or Beauty Club Card.
• The ‘Prizes’ shall mean the following (where Prize refers to one of the below):
a) 1st Prize: Hyundai i30 SE 1.4 (1 winner)
b) 2nd Prize: Thomson 48’’ LED FHD SMART TV (2 winners)
c) 3rd Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6’’ (5 winners)
d) 4th Prize: A €100 Gift Voucher (10 winners)
e) 5th Prize: Free Cinema Tickets Vouchers for 2 (200 winners)
• The ‘Free Cinema Tickets Voucher’ shall mean a digital coupon, which can be exchanged for two cinema tickets for K Cineplex.
• The ‘Gift Voucher’ shall mean a monetary coupon, redeemable at Debenhams, Oviesse (OVS), Next, Peacocks, Armani Exchange, Navy & Green, Glow Beauty Shop, UBER and the participating in Ermes’ loyalty program Zako stores.

Rules of participation

4. If you are a Client, depending on the total value of Eligible Transactions made within the Validity Period, you enter a draw for a chance to win one of the Prizes.
a) For Eligible Transactions of value between €50-€99.99: 1 virtual ticket/€
b) For Eligible Transactions of value between €100-€149.99: 5 virtual tickets/€
c) For Eligible Transactions of value above €150: 10 virtual tickets/€

5. Following the end of the Validity Period, a draw will be carried out amongst all virtual tickets collected by Clients for each Prize.

Receiving your Prize

6. The results of the draw will be available following the 10th May 2017 at the following address http://www.ermesclub.com.cy/go/celebratespring (the Website).

7. To find out if you are one of the holders of the virtual tickets drawn, you must log in to the Website and fill in your personal details in a complete and truthful manner, including the number of your Ermes or Beauty Club Card.

8. Clients who hold one of the lucky virtual tickets drawn, must answer at least one question correctly, set by Ermes Group, to win the respective Prize.

9. Ermes Group has no responsibility to contact the holders of virtual tickets drawn via any other means. You are solely responsible to enter the Website, check if you are eligible for a Prize and contact Ermes in the manner set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

10. Clients whose tickets have been drawn but have not contacted Ermes Group and/or visited the specified locations to redeem a Prize (as applicable) on or before the 10th June 2017 shall be disqualified from the Campaign and lose the right to the Prize.

11. The Terms of Use of the Prizes are:
(a) If you have won the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prize, you must contact Ermes Group at 22 365000 (Mon-Fri 08:00 – 17:00)
(b) You may redeem your digital vouchers at the following locations, by presenting your voucher code (or giving your mobile number) and your valid Ermes or Beauty Club Card:
• Debenhams At the Mall of Cyprus (Nicosia) - customer service
• Debenhams Zenon (Larnaca) – customer service
• Debenhams Olympia (Limassol) – customer service
• Debenhams Korivos (Pafos) – customer service
(c) All Vouchers have a date of expiry, set by ERMES at its discretion and displayed on the printed Voucher. Following its expiry date, a Voucher becomes void and cannot be redeemed.
(d) Vouchers or any other Prize cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or otherwise.
(e) Vouchers may only be used once and no change will be given. If the value of the transaction is less than the value of the Voucher, you will lose the right to redeem the difference in value.
(f) You must comply with the Terms & Conditions on the Voucher.
(g) You are responsible to make any arrangements necessary for the collection of your Prize.
(h) All costs and expenses for the transfer of ownership, licensing, registration and insurance of any Prize shall be borne by the Client.
(i) Clients are not required to hold a valid driver’s license to win the 1st Prize, but this can only be collected by a representative of a winner who is in possession of a valid driver’s license at the time of collection.
(j) Ermes Group shall not be liable for any manufacturing faults, recalls, damage or loss of or to any Prize after collection by a Client.


12. A copy of these Terms and Condition can be found on the Website, throughout the Validity Period.

13. Clients are only eligible for 1 (one) Prize under this Campaign.

14. ERMES is NOT responsible for any claims, consequential cost, expenses or damages of whatever nature, injury, suffered by a participant.

15. You are hereby notified that if you have not refused participation in this Campaign, you authorize ERMES to disclose your personal data to third party service providers, acting on behalf of ERMES as data processor, for the purpose of the Campaign.

16. ERMES accepts NO responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by any person as a result of participating in a campaign, entering a competition or prize draw or by accepting (or refusing as the case may be) a reward or a prize.

17. The rewards, offers or prizes must be taken as awarded and cannot be transferred. No cash equivalent or other alternative prizes are available.

18. ERMES reserves the right at any time to amend, modify, or change these terms and conditions, and to postpone, suspend or cancel this Campaign and any Prize (which have not yet been subject to a draw), or any aspect thereof, without notice, for any reason which ERMES reasonably deems necessary.

19. ERMES is entitled to exclude, suspend or even cancel the participation of any participant from any offer of any respective campaigns, in case of any breach of these or other terms and conditions of the Ermes or Beauty Club membership agreement or the ERMES’ general terms and conditions or there are reasonable grounds to believe a misuse of the Campaign.

20. In the event that the prize is not available despite Ermes’ reasonable endeavours to procure the prize, Ermes reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal value.

21. For any information, complaints or requests regarding the Campaign, you may call any Debenhams Department Stores Customer Service or the Ermes Club Card Department.

22. If you do not wish to participate in the Campaign, you may contact the Debenhams Department Stores Customer Service.

23. The campaigns, competitions or prize draws are subject to the laws of Cyprus, whose courts shall be the courts of exclusive jurisdiction.

24. ERMES may request the winner(s) to be identified, photographed and published in printed media, or to appear on radio and television, when accepting the Prizes or after having received their Prizes without any additional or further payment or compensation to the winner.

Useful Contact Details

• Debenhams Department Stores Customer Service:
• Mall of Cyprus (Nicosia): +357 22002300
• Zenon (Larnaca): +357 24631111
• Olympia (Limassol): +357 25591133
• Korivos (Pafos): +357 26840840
• Ermes Club Card Department: 22 365141 (Mon-Fri 08:00 – 16:00)